Present Perfect review


Today I would like to give you two wonderful websites for your students to practice present perfect tense.

The first is from the British Council LearningEnglish website. This website offers a simple explanation of the rule to use the present perfect and a set of exercises on which students should drag and drop the words to form the present perfect. Click here

The next website offers a fun review of the present perfect. Students can choose between drag and drop or a game. The game consists on shooting the words that complete the simple past or present perfect. To change between the two options you must reload the page. Click here.


Sitio del British Council para practicar el present perfect. El estudiante puede revisar la regla para utilizar el present perfect y en los ejercicios debe arrastrar las palabras para completar las oraciones. Click aquí

En el sitio Today School se ofrecen dos opciones para practicar el present perfect, jugar o arrastrar las palabras para completar las oraciones. Es necesario diferenciar entre Past simple y Present Perfect. Click aquí

Espero que les sea de ayuda.