TicherVirtual is carrying out an investigation in two universities in Guayaquil. The main objective of the research is to investigate how teachers integrate technology in the academic writing practices of English pre-service teachers.  At the moment, the results have demonstrated that our future English teachers do not receive appropriate instruction in the integration of digital tools for teaching English as foreing language. Therefore, TicherVirtual proposes an online course to help in service and pre-service teachers to acquire the necessary skills to integrate digital tools in their English teaching-learning process.

The course has a constructivist design to encourage the participants to build their own knowledge through the development of different tasks around the topics of the course.

Aim and structure of the course

The aim of the course is to provide in service and pre-service teachers with knowledge of the correct integration of digital tools in the English teaching-learning process. Participants are going to differentiate between the simple use of digital tools and their pedagogical integration into their planning, thus providing meaningful learning activities for their students inside and outside the classroom.


1Before integrating technology...To build knowledge background through exploring previous concepts of technology integration.
2Frameworks for integrating technologyTo explore main integration frameworks for digital tools.
3Digital tools for receptive skills.To identify digital tools that help students to develop their reading and listening skills.
4Digital tools for productive skillsTo identify digital tools that help students to develop their writing and speaking skills.

The course lasts four weeks and each week has a set of  tasks that the participants must complete to aprove the course. In addition, participants interact with their colleagues through forums in order to build their knowledge of the different topics. At the end of each week, participants are going to have an online conference (real time) with the tutor of the course to discuss the learnt topics and clarify any doubt about the contents.

Cost and payment method

The cost of the whole course is $50 per participant (individual participation) and it is required to pay the course before obtaining the access. This means that the payment of the course is going to generate a user an a password and it is going to be emailed to the participant. At the moment the only payment method is through bank deposit or transference.

Special discounts!

TicherVirtual offers special discounts for groups of teachers from schools and highschools. Groups of 10 participants pay $20 each one and they will have the live sessions in two groups of five at the end of each week.

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